Site Redesign and Publishing

Though this site has not been updated recently, I have not been idle. I am now coming to the end of my student teaching, which has been eating up all of my time for this whole semester. I have been composing some, however, and am presently in the middle of a couple projects, including a multi-movement choral work.

In my spare time (ha!) over the past week or so, I have also been working on redesigning this website, moving it to a new host and giving it a new look and feel. I think it will now be much more user-friendly, as well as aesthetically pleasing, for both editing and visiting.

If you visit my compositions page, you will see that I am now publishing a large number of my pieces. On the page for each of those pieces, you will now find sample pages from the score and the ability to purchase the score(s) through PayPal. I am still new to this system, so if you run into any issues, please let me know through the contact page!