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Aurora is all about light.

The term ‘aurora’ comes from the Latin word for ‘dawn’. In Roman mythology, Aurora was the goddess of dawn, and each day she would fly across the sky to announce the arrival of the sun. This piece portrays Aurora’s daily journey. It begins slow, quiet, and restful, as the world slowly begins to awaken from the night. Then suddenly Aurora bursts forth, streaking across the sky in triumph as the sun emerges from the horizon. Finally, her work done and the sun risen, Aurora returns to rest.

In the north, the term ‘aurora’ also refers to the northern lights, the brightly colored flickering lights projected onto our northern skies. It’s no coincidence that the northern lights are called the aurora borealis. The ‘dawn of the north’ has captured my imagination for years, and this piece also serves as an illustration of its ephemerality, its vastness, and its beauty.

Performed by Northern Symphony Orchestra, directed by Mike Halstenson.