MMEA Composition Contest

Back in June I put two compositions in the mail, sending them in for the MMEA Collegiate Composition Contest. Surprisingly this is the first composition contest I’ve ever entered. The first composition I sent is O Cool is the Valley Now which was performed in April for the Chamber Ensemble category. The other composition I sent in is Sonatina for Clarinet and Piano, a newly revised version of my Three Short Pieces for Clarinet and Piano, in the Solo Instrument category. I decided that rather than calling them separate short Continue reading →


Last year I came up with a new type of harmonic organization in music that I have named tetramodality. As the name suggests, it involves the blending of four modes, though of course this method could end up being trimodality or bimodality, as well.  In other words, a generic term might be polymodality. The inspiration for polymodality originally came from the technique of planing. For those who don’t know what planing is, it is a technique in which a series of harmonies are sounded such that they move in perfect Continue reading →


Greetings, everybody. I would like to welcome you to my blog. This is where I will keep you up to date on my compositions and will probably make other updates about other random things related to music. Hopefully a good, fun time for all.