I am available for engraving and music preparation work for any kind of project.

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What Is Engraving?

The term Engraving originally referred to the process of literally engraving metal plates for use on a printing press. Nobody uses the printing press anymore, but the term has stuck around. Today, Engraving is the process of typesetting a musical manuscript on a computer and professionally preparing it for use so that the result is pretty, clean, and easily legible without ambiguity.

This process involves standardizing musical notation (rebeaming notes, adjusting time signatures, respelling chords…), reducing ambiguities in the score (Where exactly do the brass take their mutes back out? Are both clarinets playing in unison, or is this a solo? Are the strings still playing pizzicato?), and formatting the score and parts such that they will be immediately legible for performance with a minimum of rehearsal time. Well-engraved music can increase the efficiency of a rehearsal significantly by eliminating any ambiguities in the score.

My work can be done using Dorico 5, Sibelius 2023.5, or Finale 25.


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I deliver the finished product electronically through email. If you would prefer that I mail you physical copies, then I will print the music at a document/printing store, and I will add the costs of printing, binding, and postage to the final price with no surcharge.