It is exciting to be able to take part in the creation of new music. The best way to support new music is to support the artists who create it through the process of a commission. I am very open to commissions for all types of events and ensembles. Please contact me to discuss your commission request.


The commissioning rates depend upon the instrumentation and size of the ensemble, the length of the piece, the amount of time given to complete the project, and the costs of engraving. The finished project will be delivered as PDF files via email.

Meet the Composer (now New Music USA) has produced a few resources on the topic of commissioning music. The Basic Guide to commissioning music, which includes industry standard rates, is available here.

Note: All rates are negotiable.

Time Frame

The length of time it takes to write a new work varies according to the length of the work, the size of the ensemble, the difficulty of the music, and many other factors. Please keep this in mind as you negotiate a deadline, and note that fees may vary according to the time frame required.

Residency and Attendance at the Premiere Performance

Many commissions, particularly with educational institutions, include direct contact between the composer and performers to ask questions, to help rehearse the work, or to delve deeper into the emotions or meaning of the piece. I am very open to such projects. If you desire such a project, or would like me to attend the premiere performance, I ask that you cover my travel and lodging expenses. This is negotiated during the commissioning process.


As the commissioning party, you are entitled to a dedication of the piece which will appear on the first page of the score and each part, as well as cited in all program notes. The specific wording of the dedication will be negotiated during the commissioning process.


As the composer, I reserve the copyright for all of my pieces. However, as the commissioning party, you may request sole performing rights of the work for a certain period of time without performance by another ensemble. This is negotiated during the commissioning process.

Recent Commissions

Contact me to discuss your project.