Ian A. Cook is a Minnesota-based composer who draws on language, connection, and interplay to create music that has been described as cinematic and captivating. He often plays with linearity, change, and the interrelatedness of ideas and styles, building narratives, landscapes, and meditations for soloists, chamber ensembles, choral ensembles, and orchestras. He has received commissions and performances from prominent ensembles and festivals such as the VocalEssence Ensemble Singers, the Northern Symphony Orchestra, Caprice Saxophone Quartet, and the Aries Composers Festival. Some recent projects include collaborations with MPLS (imPulse) on Out of the River of Tuoni, an instrumental-like a capella choral work depicting a story from Finnish folklore; If It Is Honest, a celebration of the architecture of Christ Church Lutheran using texts written by the architect; and with marimbist Eri Isomura of the 10th Wave Chamber Collective to blend marimba and voice in The Quiet Listeners.

Ian is also an active performer as a trombonist and vocalist. He further enjoys playing and experimenting with other kinds of music, using instruments like mandolin, guitar, dulcimer, and banjo, and tools like modular synthesizers and computer code. He holds a bachelor’s degree from St. Olaf College, where he studied Music Theory and Composition, Instrumental Music Education, and Educational Studies under teachers such as Justin Merritt, Timothy Mahr, Christopher Aspaas, and Steven Amundson.

Ian A. Cook