Adding Finale to My Toolset

As you may know, in addition to writing and publishing my own music, I also do professional engraving for other composers and conductors. This process involves clarifying markings and other notations, and then typesetting the music to make it clear, easy to read, and visually appealing.

Previously, I have done all of my work in Sibelius 6. I love Sibelius; I think it’s very easy to create good looking scores using it, and it is quite intuitive to use. However, most composers and conductors that I know who use notation software use Finale, which I think is much more common in the US. In most cases it makes little difference if I use Sibelius, because the client needs only the final PDF. Occasionally, though, the specific software being used is important.

I was recently hired for just such a job, for which I am required to use Finale. As such, I am officially adding Finale 2014.5 to my toolset. I am working hard to learn the new software quickly, and I am very excited about the flexibility and power that it has in creating gorgeous scores. Being able to use both programs will also give me added insight into different schools of thought regarding music notation, which will allow me to improve my engraving.

If you are interested in hiring me for engraving, please contact me to discuss your project.